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Facilities Engineering and Planning Services:


Facilities Engineering and Planning Services:Facilities Engineering and Planning ServicesWet Weather Engineering and Planning for Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN). Sci-Tek is providing engineering services in support of development of a Long Term Wet Weather Control Plan to reduce the effects of rain and groundwater infiltration and inflow into the waste water system with the objective of determining the general condition of the collection systems and identify where improvements can be made to enhance water quality. Our services have included environmental planning and data collection, sanitary sewer flow monitoring, data quality review, analysis, and integration into geo-spatial data bases, and modeling services inclusive of Tier-2 model-building, model calibaration, production runs, and reporting.

Environmental Assessments for Pennsylvania American Water Company. Sci-Tek provided several environmental site assessments in support of capital improvement projects. The scope of work consisted of the following: Becks Run Pump Station in Pittsburgh – asbestos and hazardous materials surveys; and Jack Clutter Dam Pump Station in Claysville – Phase I Environmental Assessment, and asbestos and hazardous materials surveys.

Existing conditions Report Preparation for ALCOSAN. Sci-Tek provided detailed facilities planning studies for several collection system basins associated with preparation of Existing Conditions Reports. Tasks have included sewer flow monitoring, identification of regulatory permitting requirements for conveyance, storage, and treatment, and environmental and geotechnical evaluations of alternatives for potential facility sites.

Chartiers Basin Geotechnical Evaluation. ALCOSAN is working to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows at several locations along its interceptor system in the Chartiers Basin near Pittsburgh. Sci-Tek conducted a basin wide geotechnical study as a part of the evaluation of potential sites. Capital improvements, including location of additional facilities in the basin are required. Sci-Tek engineers obtained available basin-wide geotechnical data, assembled the data into a useful form, and provided a written report and mapping that summarized the data obtained and identified geotechnical issues that will need to be considered for potential development sites within the Basin. The data obtained supported decision making processes relative to the mitigation or avoidance of adverse conditions such as existing landslides or landslide-prone soils, mine subsidence, acid mine drainage, etc.. The study encompassed thorough examinations of aerial photographs; topographic, geologic, deep mine and landslide susceptibility maps; available reports; and public information.

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