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FATH Solar also offers, in addition to installation, financing and insurance, the maintenance of your system. We work together with our specialist partners and offer you a tailored solution for your system. We not only maintain large systems, but offer maintenance services for all our systems.

Our maintenance contract constitutes different levels. We offer a cleaning and continual remote monitoring service, as well as a visual inspection service (contamination, damage of glass etc.). An inspection of the support structure is also undertaken in regular intervals. It can thus be detected whether the screws, fastening and clamping connections are intact. We also inspect the roof cladding for damage and control the meter system regularly.

A further important point in our maintenance contract is the inspection of the inverter. Besides the control of the plug contacts and connections, we also check the functionality of the safety devices. The technical-electrical performance of the system – for example the DC open-circuit voltage – of the inverter is compared with values which should be obtained. After a maintenance service you receive a protocol of results and we update your FATH system history booklet.

The FATH system history booklet is the basis for the subsequent replacement of components free of charge, even after the statutory warranty period. Please contact us for an individual maintenance offer or to discuss our attractive packages. We will be happy to provide you with an interesting offer.

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