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The need for accurate and comprehensive data collection when conducting small monitoring studies or large complex engineering programs is vital. Engineering studies are often only as good as the data collected during the initial field monitoring program. Qualified and knowledgeable staff is what makes a field program a success and our senior staff are recognized as industry leaders in projects involving flow metering evaluation and application, water quality monitoring and sampling, bench/pilot/full-scale process evaluations and biological monitoring.

XCG provides a full range of environmental monitoring services.Over the past 20 years, XCG’s experienced staff have successfully completed small monitoring studies and large complex programs providing reliable solutions in both Canada and the United States. Our qualified and knowledgeable field staff specialize in planning and executing a variety of environmental monitoring programs such as:

Flow Monitoring –Open Channel (sewer and stream/river flows) and Pipe Flow Monitoring (force-mains, pumping stations)

  • Flow Metering (Weirs, Flumes, Velocity-area Flow Meters, Forcemain Magmeters, Doppler Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Level Recorders, Pressure Transducers, Velocity Meters)
  • Intrinsically-safe Flow Metering
  • Stream/River Flow Monitoring (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling, Current Meters)
  • Rainfall Monitoring (5-minute interval tipping bucket, volumetric)
  • Wireless Connectivity and Web-Based Reporting (flow meters, rain gauges)

Sampling and Water Quality Testing –Sampling for Water Quality (sewer systems, CSOs, stormwater ponds, streams/lakes/harbours, water and wastewater plants)

  • Continuous Water Quality Monitoring (pH/conductivity/temperature/dissolved oxygen/turbidity)
  • Water Quality Sampling (raw/treated water & wastewater characterization, CSO/storm/sanitary sewer, ponds, lakes)
  • Wireless Connectivity and Web-Based Reporting (autosamplers, database)

Biological Monitoring and Sediment Sampling

  • Biological/Sediment Sampling (Streams, Lagoons, Stormwater Ponds)

Bench, Pilot and Full-Scale Process Evaluation for Water and Wastewater Plants

  • Unit Process Testing (Bench & Pilot Scale Testing, Jar Testing, Stress Testing/Crosby Dye Testing, Oxygen Transfer Testing)
  • Operator Training (Process Optimization & Operation, Sampling, Microscopic Examination)
  • Regulatory Monitoring (C of A Assistance, Compliance Sampling, Overstrength Agreements)

Studies – Investigations

  • Cross-connection Investigations (Smoke and Dye Testing)
  • Infrastructure Deficiencies (Manhole Inspections, CCTV assessment)
  • Time-of-Travel Study (Rivers, Ponds, Lagoons, Clarifiers, Aeration Tanks)

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