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Flood Protection Product Testing Services



Aquobex operates the premier test facility dedicated to PAS1188-1 and FM2510 testing of flood protection products. It is equipped to produce the necessary conditions for static water testing, current testing and with wave-makers suitable to deliver the JONSWAP wave formations specified in the standard. The wave-maker and software was supplied by Edinburgh Designs with independent control and monitoring of each paddle to precisely adjust for the reflections and accumulations that would otherwise build up during testing within a test tank.

The investment in the facility was to provide an in-house test facility for Aquobex to develop a deep understanding of all available flood protection products and inform on their applications and limitations. It also allows Aquobex to certify bespoke products for client projects and to offer a much-needed facility to entrepreneurs and inventors to assess, develop and certify their products.

The facility is utilised by BSI and BRE for flood product testing but also has other uses.

Other Uses of the Facility:

  • Research & development
  • Pre-testing
  • Client verification/witnessing
  • Coastal and other applications

The facility is based on the campus owned by BRE (Building Research Establishment), the home of the UK’s testing in the built environment such as fire, security and structural testing. This is located in Watford and within easy access of the M25.

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