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With a lack of empirical data on the performance of buildings and materials in flood conditions, Aquobex has taken the steps towards building the evidence base needed to bring the industry up to a level that reflects the critical nature of flooding. By developing a test protocol for construction methods and flood protection products, Aquobex is working to establish a robust approach to specifying the most appropriate measures to be taken into account for flood repair and damage mitigation for a building.

The project is funded by Innovate UK through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme. This involves rigorous scientific testing, expertise and knowledge being transferred between a world-class flood protection company and one of the UK’s leading researchers into the built environment.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to improve the knowledge about building performance and to develop a tool that can predict the potential damage to buildings, a unique and necessary service. This will help insurers, developers and other stake-holders understand their risk and inform adapted approaches to planning, design and construction.

Martin Dolan is an architectural researcher specialising in flood resilience and building performance that sits at the centre of this partnership. His research investigates the use of traditional and innovative construction techniques and products in providing solutions to potential flood damage to buildings.

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