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How do we address the current housing crisis without putting thousands more families at risk of flooding and at risk of seeing the value of their homes fall off a cliff? How can we reduce the vulnerability of the existing stock of residential and business premises?. Currently there are huge gaps in knowledge around the performance of building materials, the design of construction details and the methods by which they are put together. This leads to low-levels of take up, a lack of confidence in measures taken and a risk that insurers will refuse to offer flood cover on properties or lenders to offer mortgages.

Working in partnership with leading research partner HR Wallingford, and in collaboration with the award-winning Baca Architects, the RAFT Project brings together the UK’s stakeholders including members of the Property Flood Resilient Round Table such as BRE and PCA (Property Care Association).

Live demonstrations will illustrate how quickly vulnerable flooded areas in domestic, commercial and retail properties can be recovered at minimal cost and disruption, while still maintaining the aesthetics required for modern living. It is now more important than ever to establish easily affordable flood protection products and flood resilience methods for all building types in retrofit and new build.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions are essential for active sewer maintenance, ‘low flush’ toilet systems and the installation of affordable manual or automatic barriers and flood defences. The development of resilient interior materials for walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms and much more is critical in giving security to property owners and helping them to achieve better insurance premiums.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative by way of participation or funding then please register your interest with us.

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