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Modeling expertise is one of the technological capabilities on which INTERA's reputation is founded. We are a leader in the development and application of quantitative modeling techniques for evaluating groundwater flow and contaminant transport problems. Over the last 32 years, we have developed public domain groundwater flow and transport modeling programs such as SWIFT and SWIFT-II. These models were the first capable of treating variable fluid density, dual porosity (i.e., fractured media), and multi-chain radionuclide transport in three-dimensional cartesian or two-dimensional radial coordinates. We developed the first fully three-dimensional direct (i.e., adjoint) sensitivity analysis software called GRASP. All of these tools were considered state-of-the-art at the time they were developed, and some still are today.

Not only do our scientists and engineers understand and apply current codes, such as MODFLOW, we are able to adapt existing codes to specific project requirements. In keeping with our thorough approach to problem-solving, our analyses are often conducted in conjunction with other interpretive tools such as geostatistics and applied statistics. INTERA has developed sophisticated three-dimensional models of groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport to help site owners and regulators make cost-effective and defensible decisions for site investigation and remediation activities.
Our flow and transport modeling services include:

  • Definition of regulatory boundaries
  • Uncertainty analyses and assessments of present and future risk
  • Design and optimization of remedial systems
  • Forensic analyses to determine cleanup cost liability
  • Design and optimization of long-term monitoring networks
  • Multiphase modeling for non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) remediation
  • Chemical interaction of dissolved organic and inorganic constituents

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