GeoThermal Engineering GmbH

GeoThermal Engineering GmbH

Geological Analysis and Modeling Services


The analysis and interpretation of geological data acquired and collected in the field and the construction of underground models is the core responsibility of the geologist. The more information is available prior to reservoir development the greater the possibility of successful exploitation. Geologists need to think lateral in order to recognize indirect clues and put together the pieces that provide a sound overall picture. GeoThermal Engineering GmbH employees possess long-term experience in analysis, interpretation and modeling of geological, hydrogeological, (hydro-)geochemical and geophysical data.

Our services include:

  • Analysis and interpretation of hydrogeological data
  • Analysis and interpretation of (hydro-)geochemical data
  • Analysis and interpretation of borehole geological and geophysical data
  • Interpretation of seismic data
  • Interpretation of gravimetric data
  • Interpretation of (electro-)magnetic data
  • Interpretation of remote sensing results
  • Integrative geological 3D-modeling (thermohydraulic modeling, migration analysis)
  • (Hydro-)geochemical modeling
  • Drilling success prognosis
  • Geomechanical analysis and modeling

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