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GIS and Mapping Services


To complement our on-the-ground environmental services, Hatfield Consultants provides state-of-the-art mapping and modelling services that give meaning to your environmental data.With expertise in geographic information systems and databases, our specialists develop datasets and models thai allow you lo observe and understand key environmental features of your project. From the Arctic to the tropics, we gather and process geographic data that highlight patterns and relationships useful for your project, such as terrain, land cover, water resources, and sensitive habitats. As well, satellite remote sensing allows us to collect data in project areas difficult to observe through other methods, such as Arctic regions, remote forests, and mountainous areas.

Working with your team, we employ geographic data to provide innovative solutions to your environmental challenges, including the following:

  • Developing maps on both GIS and CAD platforms that display topography, land cover, floodplains and wetlands, important habitats, as well project information and environmental concerns
  • Analyzing geographic information to investigate environmental patterns and processes and important habitats
  • Processing satellite images with terrain correction atmosphere correction, and enhancement to ensure they display data clearly and accurately
  • Using LiDAR laser sensing technology for forest survey, environmental analysis, carbon stock modeling, and land cover classification
  • Classifying ice types based on satellite data to support fish habitat monitoring and assessment programs and to improve travel safety in northern regions
  • Developing and hosting web geographic information systems using both commercial and open-source software
  • Designing large print-quality maps that incorporate 3D perspectives and hill-shading

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