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Applied Geographics, Inc.

GIS Planning Services - A Solid Foundation for GIS Implementation


Planning forms the heart of a successful GIS. AppGeo Needs Assessments define what functions a GIS is required to do for an organization, and define the gap between 'what is' and 'what could be' (the 'Wish List'). AppGeo Implementation Plans determine how to design and build the system to meet those requirements (the 'Do List'). AppGeo Strategic Plans present a strategic vision, define GIS governance and coordination among stakeholders, and identify key programmatic objectives. AppGeo Business Plans evaluate return on investment, costs and benefits, and funding mechanisms. Our planning approach and recommendations take all aspects of enterprise GIS systems into consideration: software, hardware, data, and data flows, current and potential applications, existing systems and work flows, staffing and system administration, user training and technical support, and budgetary goals and constraints.

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