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On behalf of industrial and SME clients, Bioclear explores the possibilities of a more sustainable (re)use of residual flows, ensures that the entire chain required is developed and helps to implement the solution.

Residual flows from agriculture and organic waste flows from industry can be processed into energy carriers (for example biogas and electricity), as well as new raw materials and products (for example fatty acids and fine chemicals).

Bioclear's aim is production processes which are in accordance with the 'cradle to cradle' concept, or waste=food. Biological processes play a key role in this.

Using these processes means considerable savings as regards energy and processing costs. Smart combinations with other production processes can reduce the need for raw materials. A combination of expertise, practical experience and applied research enables us to offer sustainable and profitable solutions for waste and residual flows. The processing of organic waste via a fermentation process into interesting products such as volatile fatty acids and polyhydroxyalkanoates can, for example, reduce waste processing and energy costs.

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