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- Fiber Insulation Service


GreenFiber successfully closes the loop between recycling and manufacturing with its natural fiber insulation, fire and sound products.

GreenFiber is a 50-50 joint venture between Casella Waste Systems, Inc. and Louisiana-Pacific Corporation that uses recycled paper to manufacture natural fiber insulation.  GreenFiber's insulation products are mainly used in new residential construction, home renovations, and manufactured housing.

GreenFiber's natural fiber insulation, fire and sound products:

  • Are made from 85% recycled paper fiber.
  • Deliver high-efficiency thermal insulation and effective R-value.
  • Offer permanent and proven fire resistance for the life of the structure.
  • Reduce nuisance noise when used in walls.
  • Offer a more comfortable living space.
  • Support energy conservation programs focused on environmental responsibility.

Natural Fiber Insulation

Today, there is a growing public concern for reducing damage to our environment and dependence on fossil fuels. GreenFiber responds to this concern by offering insulation products endowed with multiple environmental benefits produced in a virtually waste-free manufacturing process. GreenFiber manufactures insulation for use in attics, floors, and walls of residential new construction and reinsulation applications. GreenFiber provides outstanding thermal performance, fire-resistance and sound control. GreenFiber’s Insulation products provide a better barrier against air infiltration, filling gaps and voids. Consisting of 85% recycled content, GreenFiber Insulation is specially treated for flame resistance.

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