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Rabmer is a group of businesses active at local and international levels with its headquarters in Altenberg/Linz. The family-owned business was started in 1963 by Josef and Maria Rabmer and since 2002 it has been run by Ms. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller as second generation manager.In addition to the local construction core sector we have more than 30 years of experience in environmental technologies and this worldwide. Rabmer GreenTech GmbH is able to combine our long-standing international distribution know-how and great client network with innovative and high-quality Austrian environmental technologies.The focus of the company is in the sectors of water and wastewater treatment, as well as renewable energy. Rabmer GreenTech GmbH is an international distribution platform for innovative GreenTech-products.

Strong through cooperations and international expansions

Environmental Technologies 'Made in  Austria' are well respected worldwide and they can now reach a great market place. The demand and the need to invest in renewable energy systems, sustainable water management practices, wastewater treatment plants, and modern waste material recovery facilities is growing in eastern and south-eastern Europe as well as in the developing economies.  

Just for the 13 'new' EU member states the required investments will be  around EUR 200 billion by 2020 based on estimates. Modern environmental technologies are commonly not available in these upcoming markets. The result is an enormous market potential for the Austrian products and technologies with respect to export and growth in these regions. The local industry, however, is based on small and medium-sized business enterprises with innovative products and solutions, which do not have the required resources and experience in international business matters.

Therefore we are able to support these businesses with export counselling and to take over the whole international distribution process for single products or services.  We offer a vast product range, long-lasting distribution know-how and a worldwide network of clients in these segments.

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