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Sapphos Environmental, Inc.

Habitat Delineation and Restoration Services



Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has successfully designed and implemented restoration plans for a variety of special status species and wetlands, demonstrating that public infrastructure and private development projects can achieve a “no net loss of habitat function and value” and allow special status species to “survive and recover” in the wild. Qualified botanists, certified wetland delineators, and permitted wildlife biologists employ a range of survey techniques, supported by global positioning system (GPS) technology to ground-truth and complete plant community maps, habitat assessments, and wetland delineations. This data forms the basis on which habitat restoration plans are developed.

Wetland mitigation plans have been prepared and successfully implemented pursuant to nationwide and individual permits under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. Habitat conservation plans and natural community conservation plans have been prepared for individual and multiple species afforded protection pursuant to the federal or state Endangered Species Acts, including the slender-horned spineflower, San Fernando Valley spineflower, Braunton’s milkvetch, unarmored three-spine stickleback, El Segundo blue butterfly, Palos Verdes blue butterfly, Riverside fairy shrimp, California red-legged frog, California coastal gnatcatcher, least Bell’s vireo, desert tortoise, Stephens’ kangaroo rat, and Mohave ground squirrel.

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