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Dewhurst Group, LLC

Hazard Monitoring Services


Monitor your site for potential ground-movement hazards from the very beginning. Micro-seismic events can lead to tremors, landslides and in extreme cases the possibility of earthquakes. It makes sense to develop a baseline record of ground movement before drilling commences and during exploitation. We can offer 24-hour a day site monitoring using remotely placed geophones (seismic), magnetometers and continuously operating differential GPS stations. Each plant site is different so our approach, method, and equipment are tailored specifically to your requirements. Our site monitoring methods, developed in conjunction with the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute for Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, have been in place in Russia, Asia, Europe, and Japan for decades, successfully monitoring small crustal movement as a predictor of potential catastrophic events.

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