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From campus violence to catastrophic hurricanes and large-scale floods, recent events have demonstrated that the long-term health of a higher educational institution is inextricably linked to how it prepares for, responds to, and recovers from disasters.

Witt O’Brien’s has worked with higher education clients since the company’s inception, including contracts with more than 20 colleges and universities. Our clients include the largest and second largest university systems in the U.S., the nation’s largest arts college, technical community colleges and their campus networks, major universities, and a 19-member for-profit college system.

Our extensive experience encompasses all phases of crisis management, public safety, security, and business continuity in higher education. We understand that the bottom line of every comprehensive emergency management program is to protect lives, minimize damage, and provide a process and structure so that the college or university can continue or resume its administrative operations and academic programs as quickly as possible after a disaster.

We recognize that building a comprehensive program requires an approach where all activities and plans are integrated. Our team members have decades of combined experience working with colleges and universities to create processes that build on accomplishments and strengthen internal and external partnerships—leading to true integration of safety and security.

Key services for higher educational clients include:

  • Safety, security, and emergency management program review and development
  • Mitigation planning for mission-critical facilities and infrastructure
  • Emergency operations/response planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Crisis communications and emergency notification
  • Standby response and recovery services
  • Training and exercises for administrators, staff, and students
  • Athletic event and sports facilities risk management
  • Emergency/crisis contingency planning for students studying abroad and international programs
  • Mass evacuation planning and exercises
  • Collaboration/strategic planning with local, state, and federal first responders, public safety officials, and community organizations

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