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Trials bach and columns (lysimeters) Feasibility study of different formulations of surfactants and oxidizing and determining the dose to be applied. It allows to assess the mobilization and / or solubilisation of the contaminant (LNAPL and DNAPL) by applying different surfactants.
Development of surfactants to hydrophilic-hydrophobic cartaDeterminación of balance (HLB) of the product problem. Formulation and production of surfactant adapted to the product requirements.

Optimization tests biostimulation and bioaugmentation treatments

  • Determination of the biodegrading capacity (soil / water).
  • Microbiological characterization of contaminated soil and to determine the potential of the medium biodegrader affected waters. 
  • Indicator of the possible application of sustainable technologies such as biological remediation strategies. 
  • Biotratabilidad test.
  • Application of different experimental test microcosms (soil / water) to identify and design the type of biological treatment to be applied (biostimulation and / or bioaugmentation).

CA assessment in decontamination processes

  • Design and dimensioning of activated carbon filters.
  • Advice on the design and dimensioning of AC filters for water treatment and air, depending on the required flow rate and pollution load present. 
  • Viability assay allows comparing different types of commercial CA (mineral and organic) to optimize the process of purifying contaminated water.

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