Redox Tech, LLC

Redox Tech, LLC

In Situ Soil Blending

Redox Tech, an in situ soil and groundwater remediation firm, announces their improved amendment delivery method. The new method, in situ soil blending, will revolutionize the remediation market place. Redox Tech is already a recognized leader for development of soil and groundwater remediation amendments. The new delivery method complements Redox Tech formulation expertise and overcomes one of the major obstacles for in situ remediation, namely effective and uniform delivery of the reagents. In situ soil blending has numerous advantages over conventional dig-and-haul and in situ injection approaches:

 Efficient and uniform delivery of remediation amendments, such as oxidants, reductants, and biostimulants
 Production rates comparable to dig, haul and backfill
 No long term liability associated with disposal at a landfill – no future PRP liability
 No liability associated with transport of hazardous waste
 Costs that are 2 to 10 times less expensive than dig and haul, depending upon the type and level of contamination
 No RCRA TSD permits are required because remediation is completed within the “area of contamination”
 Can treat a wide range of compounds, such as chlorinated solvents, pesticides, PCBs, PAHs, among other

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