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Indoor Air Quality Assessment


The indoor environment in a building can result from a complex interaction between the building system, construction techniques, and various contaminant sources (originating inside or outside). Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems may arise from any one of these sources, and may result in worker anxiety, missed work or reassignment.

ERA tech's industrial hygienist will provide an IAQ profile of the suspected building which includes: review of architectural and mechanical plans; a thorough walkthrough inspection of the facility; and the collection of detailed information on the HVAC system, pollutant pathways, pollutants sources, and building occupancy.

An IAQ investigation will include measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity and air movement in accordance with ASHRAE standards. Specific testing of chemical and/or microbial contaminates will be performed when necessary. Recommendations and suggestions will be made for the successful mitigation of the IAQ problem.

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