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Indoor Air Quality / Mold Service



Indoor Environmental Management: Mold Assessment / Remediation, Building Inspections for Mold, Prevention & Maintenance Programs, Awareness Seminars and Training, Remediation Design and Management; Air Sampling, Moisture Prevention Programs in Construction, Sustainable Design Solutions - Mold Resistant Materials and Design Alternatives, HVAC system inspections and analysis, Thermal comfort and air distribution, Humidity and automatic temperature control, Ventilation review and remediation, System retrofit design, Review of building occupants' environmental conditions, Building related illness and sick building syndrome, Indoor air profile, Outdoor air intake contamination control, Occupant interview, Air quality monitoring, Air and dust sampling and testing, Biological sampling and testing, Volatile organic compound sampling, Chemical use and storage inspection, Intake and exhaust air assessment, MSDS and right-to-know compliance, Chemical inventories.

  • Outdoor air quality
  • Regulating smog and particle air pollution
  • Pollution preventative programs
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental friendly building materials and maintenance
  • Filtration of air pollution
  • Air quality monitoring control and purge systems
  • Indoor air pollution monitoring programs of exhaust systems

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