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Ambient air and indoor air quality testing has increased over time as there has been increasing public awareness and concern over the quality of the air we breathe. The EPA has made significant improvement in ambient air quality through the Clean Air Act (CAA). The focus has moved from major sources to indoor air quality. We all spend a significant part of our lives indoors at home, at work, and in public indoor environments. Indoor air quality is difficult to manage and, in many cases, there are gaps in enforceable standards.

The EPA is actively increasing public awareness on indoor air quality issues focusing on sensitive populations primarily in schools and homes. The EPA has established threshold air concentrations for use in schools that could be used as a benchmark to evaluate whether there is a problem. The Departments of Health in most states have programs to raise public awareness and provide information to address these indoor air quality concerns.

In addition, the Green Building Council's program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) Green Building Rating System®, has been addressing both new construction and the rehabilitation of buildings. This program includes an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan before occupancy. For higher levels of LEED certification, indoor air quality testing is a component of the certification strategy.

Alpha Analytical can provide you with the ambient air and indoor air testing services required to identify and differentiate suspected chemicals or sources in an indoor environment. Whether your project involves suspected solvents, VOCs from building construction materials or from unidentified chemical sources, Alpha Analytical has a range of methods and technical expertise to assist you in developing a strategy and executing a sampling plan to successfully investigate IAQ issues.

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