Contaminant Control, Inc. (CCI)

Contaminant Control, Inc. (CCI)

Industrial Cleaning Service


Fast turn-around’s and quality of service requires experience and the right technologies to stay on demanding schedules. Whether in plant, on the water or along a pipeline CCI offers a comprehensive line of Industrial services to meet our customer’s needs. CCI maintains a staff of highly qualified and trained personnel utilizing innovative technologies to manage our customer’s projects.

Surfacing Blasting Services

CCI offers surface blasting services from a variety of different blasting machines specifically designed for your project.  Whether it is an industrial cleaning situation or a residential mold project, CCI has the proper blasting equipment to successfully perform any task.  CCI owns multiple units of ice blasters, sponge blasters and media blasting machines. All of our surfaces cleaning technicians go through rigorous training on all of our blasting equipment before they are sent out in the field.  Each technician is well trained and up to date on all current regulations and trends. 

Tank Cleaning Services

CCI has the knowledge and technical experience to successfully clean the most difficult tanks. Whether your needs are to meet API 653 guidelines or for change of service or repair, our professional staff has the practical experience to clean tanks of various sizes from small storage tanks up to 300’ crude oil storage tanks.

Vacuum Services

CCI offers both liquid and air movers, hydro excavation units and trailer mounted air movers for tight spots as a component of our Industrial Services group. CCI’s personnel have experience with all types of industrial applications form tank bottoms to pit and sump cleanouts and site transfer of materials.


Storage tanks laden with heavy sludge materials can limit the effectiveness of your Wastewater Treatment Systems. CCI has the in house expertise to safely remove these sludge’s and reduce the volume of waste through the use of specialized dewatering equipment, saving significant disposal cost and producing a much higher system efficiency.


CCI’s Industrial Services Division provides reliable, cost saving hydro-blasting, jet roding and high pressure water lancing services up to 20,000 psi. Our professionals combine specialty tips and nozzles to handle virtually any type of project from the smallest heat exchanger to the largest condenser and utilizing. Hydro-blasting is extremely effective in cleaning the interiors of tanks, vats, and other containers not suited for other conventional cleaning methods.
Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is a cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases, and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces. This process is used for passivation to eliminate fouling, oxidation, process system corrosion, and decontamination of process lines and vessels. Chemical cleaning works great on boilers, cooling System de-fouling, heat exchangers, passivation processes, pickling processes, new power plant installation pre-cleaning, removal of iron fouling from packed stripper towers, condensers, digesters and process piping systems.

Rail Car Cleaning on or off site

CCI utilizes mobile cleaning systems with high-pressure water equipment, pumps and an assortment of specialty nozzles to clean both hazardous and non-hazardous materials from our customer’s rail cars at their facility or at remote locations and rail yards.

Gas Free Services

CCI’s mobile marine cleaning crews deliver quality service to Docks, boat, barge and vessel companies. Cleaning of bilges, void areas, dump and rinse services or offshore tank and vessel cleaning prior to change of service or repairs, CCI has the personnel and equipment.

Technical Demolition, Decommissioning and Resource Recovery

CCI maintains a dedicated staff familiar with working in an industrial setting. Having the expertise to demolish for removal or to dismantle and recover for future use, CCI can turn key your project. CCI owns its own yellow iron and specialty equipment to operate no matter how demanding the project.

Waste Management

CCI has the practical experience and infrastructure behind them to manage your company’s waste streams from processes or facility cleanouts. All waste materials are managed from cradle to grave utilizing Federal and State Licensed facilities designated for each particular type of waste stream.

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