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AMI Environmental Inc.

Industrial Hygiene


Our services are geared towards preventing workplace or job site exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards.  AMI develops cost-effective solutions and strategies for reducing and eliminating environmental hazards and ensuring your organization is OSHA compliant.

All types of businesses need industrial hygiene consulting services.  AMI Environmental assists industrial, commercial and governmental clients to solve workplace challenges. Our industrial hygienists offer the following services:

  • Workplace Exposure Assesment
  • Occupational Illness Investigation/Evaluation
  • Occupational Noise Surveys
  • Industrial Hygiene Compliance Audits

Mold and Moisture
Mold is a natural part of our environment; however, excessive mold growth in the indoor environment may cause harmful effects to occupants.  Our staff of industrial hygienists and scientists are experienced in recognizing and understanding the issues involved in moisture intrusion and mold contamination, and can develop a sound, cost effective solution, our services include:

  • Mold and microbial contaminant assessments
  • Mold and microbial contaminant testing
  • Allergen assessments and testing
  • Moisture assessments, including infrared (IR) thermography
  • Mold remediation design and management

Indoor Air Quality

The dethrimental effects of poor indoor air quality have become well recognized in recent years.  While a seemingly complex problem, AMI Environmental’s Industrial Hygienists may determine that something as simple as inadequate air exchange rates or improperly maintained HVAC systems may be causing air quality complaints.  Our services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Air quality complaint investigations
  • Ventilation system evalutations and corrective action recommendations
  • Allergen assessments and testing
  • Legionella sampling and consulting
  • Sewage contamination investingation
  • Infection control assistance in health care
  • Air qualing testing for LEED credits
  • Vapor intrusion studies

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