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Liquid Environmental Solutions is well-equipped to handle your industrial non-hazardous liquid waste transportation and disposal needs.  Our large, modern fleet of vacuum tanker trucks and specialized rail tank car services provide the capacity to remove any quantity of waste for you.  We also have ample capacity to treat and dispose of your waste, with fourteen central waste treatment facilities, fully permitted by federal, state and local governments. These facilities will receive and process your waste using the most modern and environmentally sound technologies, in full compliance with all government regulations.


Expect complete peace of mind and superlative service from us
We’re used to meeting the demanding expectations of even our toughest industrial customers. These companies put a premium on customer service, regulatory compliance and liability assurance. So do we. Here’s how we ensure it:

Fully Permitted Disposal Facilities: Liquid Environmnetal Solutions operates only fully-permitted EPA and State-approved facilities, proving much stronger assurances of quality service than facilities that operate under temporary approvals or exemptions that may expire. While permanent federal and state discharge permits are difficult to obtain, we won’t operate a treatment facility without them. Here’s why: permitted facilities must meet the most rigorous waste handling, treatment, disposal, manifesting and documentation, liability coverage, and financial standards in order to protect the public interest as well as public and private waste generating enterprises. This is your best safeguard against any liability associated with improper waste disposal. We don’t stop there. As an extra measure of protection, our facilities are monitored by the cities they serve. On top of that, we discharge cleaned waters into city wastewater collection systems rather than directly into waterways. This extra level of protection ensures waters are completely safe before being released back into the environment.


Exclusively Non-Hazardous Waste: Liquid Environmental Solutions focuses solely on the treatment and recycling of non-hazardous waste streams as defined by the Clean Water Act and the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act.  We reduce your organizations’ exposure to possible fines, non compliance, or superfund involvement. By specializing in non-hazardous liquid waste, we offer competitive pricing for your particular treatment needs. Customers of our transportation and disposal operations can be assured that their waste streams will never be co-mingled with another generator’s hazardous waste stream.


Dedicated Laboratory Monitoring: Liquid Environmental Solutions closely collaborates with environmental agencies to ensure every requirement is fulfilled. Each of our treatment facilities has its own dedicated lab that tests for acceptance criteria before waste approval, transportation, and treatment. Our waste acceptance procedures offers protection by ensuring that your waste stream will not be co-mingled with a hazardous waste stream, therefore reducing your exposure to potential regulatory fines and penalties.


Financial Stability and Liability Protection: Our financial capacity and proven track record of safety and regulatory compliance provides superior risk assurance for our customers. Our industry-leading coverage includes Environmental Impairment Liability and Pollution Legal Liability insurance coverage, provided by Chartis Insurance Company, one of the world’s leading global insurance organizations, with an AM Best rating of “A” (Excellent) and “XV” Financial Size Rating for firms with $2 Billion or more capacity.

Responsiveness, Flexibility and Service Quality: At Liquid Environmental Solutions, our mission is to cater to you with services that add value right to your bottom line. These include: prompt profiles and price quotes; fast offloading and turnaround times; the ability to handle urgent needs and other special events when they arise.

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