Installation & Commissioning Services



Ensure the correct integration and deployment of our solutions with our extensive installation services. Our experienced team of Field Service Engineers will be available to support your organization's on‐site needs during installation, commissioning and training.

At LumaSense we take pride at installing the products we sell.  In fact, LumaSense service provides more than just connecting point A to point B. Our trained and experience Field Service Engineers (FSE’s) will deliver quality workmanship when installing our products at your site to ensure fit, form, and functionally.

The service installation of our products provides:

  • Proper and secure mounting of products
  • Electrical hook-up and connections
  • Alignment and calibration validation
  • Testing and operation to specification
  • Meeting of expectation and acceptance

Installation and commissioning services will vary by product and customer preference.

For more information, contact our Customer Care Team.


For our FSE’s, the job’s not finished until all connections are complete. We will connect electrical, compressed air, fiber optic, and any other communications required for the product to perform to the specified levels. This includes positioning, alignment, calibration verification, and validation of operation.


All installations include a detailed inspection of the shipped materials to ensure they meet standard quality. Additional inspections are also made throughout the course of the installation to ensure proper fit, form, and function. If any material does not meet the necessary quality standards, it will be replaced without question.


The installation is not complete until the customer is fully satisfied and is provided a demonstration of the operation and performance of the product. Our Field Service Engineers will also review the step-by-step checklist that was used during the installation and provide the details behind how each step was validated. After all customer expectations are met, a customer acceptance form will be completed.

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