Integrated Environmental Management, Inc. (IEM)

Instrument Rental

IEM rents radiation detection instruments out of our own extensive inventory for use by others. Weekly and monthly rates are offered for the following instrument types:

  • Bicron MicroRem Meter
  • BTI Microspec-2 Portable Gamma Spectrometer (with BTI e-Probe)
  • Ludlum Model 2929 Smear Counter (with Model 43-10-1 alpha/beta detector)
  • Ludlum Model 2224 Contamination Ratemeter/Scaler (with Model 43-93 alpha/beta probe)
  • Ludlum Model 2224 Contamination Ratemeter/Scaler (with Model 43-89 alpha/beta probe)
  • Ludlum Model 2241 Rate meter/Scaler (with Model 44-10 Nal probe)
  • Ludlum Model 2241 Ratemeter/Scaler (with Model 44-10 Nal probe and RS-232 interface)
  • Ludlum Model 2360 Data Logger (with Model 43-89 alpha/beta probe)
  • Ludlum Model 3/12 Ratemeter (with Model 44-9 Pancake GM probe)
  • Ludlum Model 9 Ion Chamber and Ratemeter
  • Ludlum Model 9DP Pressurized Ion Chamber
  • Ludlum Model 133-2-1 Underwater GM Detector
  • Ludlum Model 44-110 Tritium Gas Flow Detector
  • Ludlum Model 3 (with Model 44-38 energy-compensated GM probe)
  • Ludlum Model 19 microrem meter (Nal detector)
  • Ludlum Model 12-4 (He-3 neutron detector)
  • Ludlum Model 239-1F Floor Monitor (with Model 2360 Data Logger and Model 43-37 gas flow proportional detector)
  • MSA (Escort Model) BZA Sampling Pump
  • Mini-Buck Flow Calibrator (for BZA pumps)
  • F&J Model LV-1 Low-volume Air Sampler
  • F&J Model HV-1 High Volume Air Sampler
  • Matheson Model 8L350 Pressure/Gas Flow Regulator

All instruments are shipped to the desired location by overnight mail (Federal Express or equivalent), and are accompanied by applicable ancillary supplies and a copy of the current calibration certificate. An instrument manual and an 'exempt quantity* check source (NIST-traceable) for assessing instrument
operability prior to use are also available.   Please contact IEM or call our instrument division at (240) 631-8993 to receive a rate quote for the instruments and durations you need, and to obtain a copy of our Rental Agreement.
Instrument rental is subject to availability. IEM makes no warranty as to the appropriateness of a rented instrument or check source for a particular application, and makes no claims concerning an instrument's performance beyond the manufacturer's specifications. A signed Rental Agreement must be in place before an instrument or source is shipped.

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