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With equities and bonds, implementation of a sustainable investment strategy principally involves the selection of suitable securities for your own portfolio or for your sustainable investment product. We can compile a suitable investment universe for you, whether you choose to base this on a sustainability concept using positive and/or negative criteria or on particular regions or issues. oekom research can help you develop a sustainability concept that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your organisation or your target group. The key parameter here is the definition of positive criteria and exclusion criteria. We use these to filter our research universe, which currently consists of around 3,500 companies and 57 countries, to identify those issuers of equities and bonds which meet your requirements. This can be done in one of two ways:

Best-in-Class lists

From our overall universe, we will compile a list of issuers that meet the requirements defined by you. When doing so, we will take into account both the exclusion criteria you have selected and your positive criteria in respect of social and environmental compatibility. You will then receive a list of issuers in which you or your asset manager should invest. We can make the data available to you in an Excel spreadsheet and/or via the ORBIT database.

Exclusion lists

From our overall universe, we will filter out those issuers which breach exclusion criteria defined by you. For companies, we use 18 exclusion criteria covering areas of business (e.g. alcohol, agricultural genetic engineering and armaments), and business practices, (e.g. violations of human rights or labour rights). For countries, the 16 exclusion criteria cover aspects such as citizens’ rights and human rights, climate policy and the prevalence of corruption. You will then receive a list of issuers in which you or your asset manager should not invest.

Case study: Global Compact Compliance Check

The ten principles of the UN Global Compact define requirements for sustainable company management in the areas of human rights and labour rights, environmental protection and corruption. More than 6,000 companies from 135 countries have so far undertaken to comply with the principles. Over and above this, however, the UN Global Compact also serves as a yardstick for responsible company management. As part of its Global Compact Compliance Check, oekom research analyses the extent to which companies from the oekom Research Universe satisfy the Global Compact requirements. The resulting positive and negative lists form the basis for investment in line with Global Compact requirements.

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