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Effective pipeline integrity management has been problematic for the large number of pipelines that were not designed for in-line inspection (traditionally unpiggable pipelines). Quest Integrity understands the complexities involved with this challenging segment and offers a comprehensive pipeline integrity management solution – the InVista ultrasonic (UT) in-line inspection tool, data analysis, advanced engineering assessment capabilities and related pipeline integrity management services.

This unique, bi-directional ILI tool accommodates 3 – 24 inch pipeline diameters (including dual and multi diameter), and provides 100% overlapping coverage of geometry and metal loss features. Designed to overcome the most difficult inspection environments, its operational simplicity and navigation capabilities are unmatched in the pipeline industry. Lightweight and compact, the InVista tool can be launched by hand and is ideal for space-constrained environments such as wharf lines and offshore pipelines.

Following the field inspection and preliminary report, the high-quality ILI data is analyzed for wall loss and anomalies such as corrosion, denting and ovality. LifeQuestTM Pipeline software assesses the pipeline’s fitness-for-service and quantifies the extent of metal loss damage. The remaining strength factor (RSF) and reduced maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOPr) are also determined for the complete data set. A final report including the data analysis and assessment results is delivered for each ILI project along with the LifeQuest Pipeline data viewer. 

  • Provides 100% overlapping coverage of pipeline geometry and pipeline metal-loss features in a single pass
  • Inspects 3'-24' (DN75 – DN600) diameter and dual diameter pipelines
  • Navigates back-to-back bends with >90° short radius turns
  • Navigates bore restrictions, step changes, reduced port valves
  • Accommodates limited or missing launcher/receiver facilities
  • Functions in low flow or limited flow conditions
  • Inspects non-standard and bulging pipe material
  • Identifies significant wall thickness changes and pipeline wall loss
  • Accommodates single entry/exit, line stoppage, plugged valves
  • Traverses bottom unbarred tees, wyes and mitre bends

  • Lightweight, hand-held intelligent pig reduces safety and operational risk
  • Lower pressure differential requirements and bi-directional capability minimize line disruptions
  • Unique design reduces wear, impact and debris collection
  • Ultrasonic inline technology measurement delivers accurate, repeatable results
  • Linear ultrasonic sizing minimizes verification digs and improves excavation and repair confidence
  • Permanent line modifications not required
  • Efficient pipeline inspections minimize offline status
  • Onsite turnaround and rapid pipeline geometry inspection data analysis allows real-time operating decisions
  • Ultrasonic inline inspection technology does not permanently magnetize pipe like magnetic flux leakage tools, thereby eliminating demagnetization repairs

  • Offshore pipelines
  • Airport fuel transfer systems
  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Delivery and tank farms
  • Distribution lines
  • Exploration and production injection lines
  • Gathering lines
  • New construction baselines
  • Petrochemical fuel stock lines
  • Pipelines with limited or missing data
  • Product and fuel loading lines
  • Restricted or improperly designed liquid lines
  • Road crossings and casings
  • Terminal storage lines
  • Upstream gathering and flow lines
  • Water distribution lines
  • Wharf lines, station and jetty connections

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