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Land Surveying Services


Eckman Engineering LLC provides complete Surveying Services for municipal, industrial, commercial, residential and utility clients in New Hampshire and Maine. Licensed surveyors are on staff with more than 12 years of experience in all aspects of land surveying. Field crews utilize current technology including total stations, data collectors and GPS technology to collect data. This data is seamlessly downloaded to AutoCAD for reduction, mapping and plotting.

A survey enables a Land Surveyor to accurately and physically mark the corners of client’s property. The survey will identify easements and any encroachments and boundary line conflicts that may exist.

A Land Survey should be conducted before a real estate transaction, when subdividing any parcel and prior to making any improvements on a piece of property or when you think a neighbor may be encroaching on your property.

Eckman Engineering, LLC utilizes a number of methods to complete a survey. State of the art equipment such as RTK GPS, a highly accurate and portable global positioning system, dramatically cuts the time spent in the field and results in an extremely cost effective layout and location of various physical features. Total Stations with data loggers are used in manual boundary and topographical surveys. Aerial photography and Lidar, similar to radar, are also possible for larger projects.

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