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Land Use & Conservation Planning Services


With over three decades of experience in the planning and conservation of land, Resource Dimensions partners have helped to lead the charge on the protection of millions of acres of land across the nation, and beyond. Working alongside dozens of public, private and non-profit partners, in more than twenty states across the U.S., we have developed, designed and helped to implement conservation easements, PDR and TDR programs, land acquisitions and exchanges, and the policies and funding programs required to assure long-term security of these agents. From strategic planning, to devising sound policies and customized fund development strategies, we bring a diverse and grounded approach that stems from actual on-the-ground work, and our unique experience in “pushing the envelope” from the teaching and research environment. We understand the value of community “greenfrastructure” (e.g., parks, city gardens, trails and connective corridors, forests, and agricultural lands) and its vital role. Our ability to help find the intersects and bring together human and natural systems through our work has made an enduring impact on the long-term sustainability of communities across the nation… and we hold close this responsibility.

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