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MacKay Sposito

Landscape Architecture Services


We offer a wide array of landscape planning, design and development services to both public and private sector clients. Our team of licensed landscape architects and designers are experienced at collaborating with our engineering, planning, surveying and construction management departments. In many projects, they serve as project managers, responsible for coordinating the overall consultant team. The role we play varies from one project and one industry to another, but it’s always about improving quality of life.

For example, a power plant’s goal is reliable, affordable energy. The regulators want minimal environmental impact. When your hydroelectric development dams a river, or your transmission network cuts across wetlands and rivers, our landscape architects take the pain out of compliance. We know how to give FERC what it’s looking for. We create campgrounds and hiking trails people love to use. Even the fish like the way we do things.

City planners call on us to transform underused open land into green lungs – parks, campgrounds and trails to meet the varied needs of their community. We know how to work within a tight budget to create a facility that enriches the community, is easy to maintain, and is gentle on the environment.

And land developers know we can add value to their property, whether it’s an office park or a multi-use masterplan development. Whether you’re at home, out shopping or at work, we know that trees make the best neighbors greenery soothes the spirit. Because of this, landscape design is an important component of any neighborhood development. We design green spaces, parks, trails and ornamental features that soften the lines of the built environment and make it an inviting place to live.

Services include:

  • Land use and master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Park and trail planning and design
  • Trail planning and design
  • Sport field planning and design
  • Campus planning and urban design
  • Sustainable low impact development design
  • ADA assessments and compliance
  • Environmental restoration and wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Planting and irrigation design
  • Development standards

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Educational facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Parks and recreation
  • Road improvements
  • Stream bank and habitat restoration
  • FERC recreation relicensing
  • Industrial and business parks
  • Cemeteries
  • Residential land development

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