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With innovative customer solutions and our research and development, we are driving electronics recycling forward. One of the unique recycling methods we have designed in recent years is for LCD flat screens. This process makes it possible to separate rare materials and other natural resources, so they can be reused as secondary raw material.

In our environmental LCD recycling process we extract more than 88 percent clean fractions without mercury. Cleaned fractions are separated into iron, metals, plastics, circuit boards and glass with liquid crystals. The whole process works in a closed controlled environment. The closed process is important, not least when it comes to handling all the mercury lamps that are part of an LCD screen. It is easy for mercury lamps to break during manual handling, which creates health risks for those doing the dismantling. With our sealed and automated process, this risk can be avoided.

During the entire process mercury levels are continuously controlled, so we can ensure that the mercury is removed from all material that will be recycled. Mercury-contaminated fractions are sent to special hazardous waste treatment.

An important goal for us, our customers and not least the environment is to recycle as much electronic scrap as possible. The degree of recycling in this process is significantly higher than the future requirements of a tougher WEEE Directive, which states how much of Europe's electronic waste must be recycled.

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