LEED IEQ 3.2 Indoor Air Quality Certification

Do you have questions regarding LEED IEQ 3.2 indoor air quality certification for your facility? Indoor Environmental Technologies’ (IET) staff of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialists have the knowledge and expertise to review your project and implement the testing required to achieve this important credit certification utilizing the most efficient, cost-effective approach. IET has been serving the southeastern USA and Caribbean, providing air quality and building science inspections for over 20 years. We are here to address all your IEQ concerns. Just give us a call or email us.

LEED certifications are awarded through the issuance of credits. In new and renovated buildings, one full credit can be obtained from the Green Building Council for LEED IEQ 3.2 certification. The flush-out method to achieve certification requires the air handling system in the building to be run, “flushing out” the interior spaces for a period of days or weeks ahead of occupancy. There is also the option of a two-phase flush-out, with a stage of HVAC operation ahead of occupancy then significantly higher than normal outdoor (dilution) air being delivered through the HVAC during initial occupancy. Unfortunately, the “flush-out” option can delay occupancy and greatly increase energy costs associated with cooling or heating the additional outdoor air. As an alternative, baseline IAQ sampling and chemical testing can be performed and if a range of specific contaminant parameters are measured below prescribed levels, the flush-out period may be reduced or eliminated.

IET can help companies achieve LEED 3.2 certification by providing independent, third-party verification that a building meets these LEED standards prior to occupancy. IET will provide comprehensive services to help you maximize credits and conduct testing in accordance with LEED IEQ 3.2 specifications and EPA's current Protocol for Environmental Requirements. Let IET’s professionals assist on your project by developing a customized Indoor Air Quality Management Plan and conduct testing at your facility to document compliance with LEED IAQ 3.2 contaminant levels.

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