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There is a clear theme in the future of sustainability, and that theme is transparency. In today's economy, integrating sustainability into products and processes is not enough.  Full transparency in manufacturing allows consumers to make educated purchasing decisions. As a result. Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) are an emerging focus in the sustainability marketplace. An increasing number of organizations—such as Wal-Mart, 3M, Unilever, and Apple—are utilizing LCA data to evaluate products and suppliers; and there is growing demand to quantify and publish the life cycle environmental impacts of products.

There are many uses for LCA data, both internally and publicly. LCA is a core component of a sustainable product development program, assisting designers and engineers with improving the environmental performance of a product beginning with product inception. LCA data has been utilized by our clients to reduce environmental impacts and identify cost savings in their manufacturing plants. The holistic view of a product or service enabled by LCA empowers our clients to implement product stewardship in an impactful way; and in doing so, foster a more sustainable business model.

LCA Overview
All Life Cycle Assessments are conducted per ISO-14040/44 standards and are comprised of 4 phases: goal and scope definition, life cycle inventory, life cycle impact assessment, and interpretation. LCA is an iterative process and requires an understanding of all inputs and outputs throughout the life cycle. Performing a LCA provides clients with a range of benefits:
  • Satisfy your clients' sustainable supply chain requirements
  • Improve the environmental performance of products and services
  • Evaluate your organization's risks related to raw material dependencies in the supply chain
  • Satisfy green building standards (LEED, NAHB)      
  • Provide a foundation for developing product stewardship and sustainable product development programs within your company

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