Cleansing Service Group Ltd

Cleansing Service Group Ltd

Liquid Waste


If you have any form of industrial or commercial liquid waste, we’ve got the team of expert waste professionals to deal with it!
Cleansing Service Group is the first choice in waste management and, for more than 75 years, we’ve been supporting customers across the country with a range of cost-effective, tailored services to collect, treat, recycle and dispose of every type of liquid waste.
We operate the UK’s largest fleet of specialist waste management vehicles and we collect all types of liquid waste, including sewage, oil and water, sludge and silt, acid and alkaline, leachate, grease trap waste, hazardous wastes and we also clear ponds and lagoons as part of our liquid waste services.Before we remove your liquid waste, we’ll take samples for analysis so we can determine the appropriate treatment and then we’ll safely transport it to one of our many treatment facilities that are located around the country for disposal.

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