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By their very nature, environmental issues often result in unwanted litigation. If harmful contaminants are released knowingly or unknowingly people may be at risk. Property values can be compromised. Projects can be delayed or even stopped dead in their tracks. And, of course, millions of dollars could be at stake. At Clark Seif Clark (CSC), we know that our clients face the daunting task of complying with increasingly complex environmental regulations every day. If necessary, we'll provide you with the documentation, sample evidence and expert legal testimony you need to achieve a fair and favorable disposition.

Over the years, Clark Seif Clark (CSC) has provided expert legal testimony for hundreds of clients like builders, contractors, insurance companies, home and property owners, and manufacturers. We have served both plaintiff and defendant in cases that have demanded the careful evaluation of scientific data. In addition to expert testimony, our litigation support team can help guide the trial strategy, provide the necessary evidence samples, analyze data and test results, and research pertinent environmental regulations.

ecause we are experts at discovering sources of contamination and then designing remediation plans for their removal, our knowledge can prove invaluable to your attorneys. For example, contaminants such as mold, asbestos, lead-based paint dust and other indoor air toxins are well-documented as harmful to human beings. Our ability to collect, analyze and even assist in interpreting the harmful effects of these hazardous materials, can help provide the legal support you need.

Because of our thorough documentation, expert sample analysis, and understanding of all the complex environmental regulations, we can provide expert legal testimony based on objective scientific data. And that can be very helpful when legal issues are unavoidable. These same attributes, however, also serve our clients in another, maybe even more powerful way. They don't find themselves in court in the first place. And we think that's the best litigation support of all.

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