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Steam reformers are critical assets to many refining, chemical and syngas plants, and one of the most challenging assets to maintain and operate. Common problems in reformer operations directly affect reformer tube life and lead to premature tube failure, pigtail failure, and damage to the header and convection section. To minimize unplanned downtime and maximize tube life, it is important to incorporate a holistic approach to steam reformer reliability and maintenance programs. This steam reformer integrity management approach includes these essential elements.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Reformer tube inspections
  • Advanced engineering services
  • Reformer tube life assessments
  • Reformer Integrity surveys
  • Infrared (IR) temperature correction software

Our two proprietary inspection technologies are: LOTIS, which utilizes laser profilometry to conduct internal steam reformer tube inspections, and the MANTIS external tube crawler, which does not require catalyst removal prior to the inspection. The data captured by LOTIS and MANTIS is exceptionally powerful when combined with our LifeQuest™ Reformer remaining life assessment capabilities, providing an integrated solution set for the process and syngas industries.

  • Inspects 100% of the steam reformer tube
  • Identifies and quantifies various failure mechanisms
  • Provides highly accurate and repeatable results
  • Collects millions of data points during a typical inspection
  • Requires no couplant
  • Provides increased confidence in reformer tube inspection results through combined NDT methodologies
  • Utilizes cross-canceling technique which is the latest eddy current test innovation for the syngas industry
  • Maximizes efficiency and accuracy
  • Eliminates the need for large magnets to counter permeability issues

  • Minimizes unplanned shutdown risk due to premature tube failure
  • Allows plant engineers to manage and often extend tube life beyond 100,000 operating hours
  • Allows reformers to typically increase production without compromising asset integrity
  • Costs significantly less than an unplanned outage
  • Provides better cost management of and planning for future tube/catalyst replacement
  • Reduces reformer downtime with fast inspection process
  • Facilitates monitoring of tube life over entire life cycle; other inspection techniques are useful only at or very near end of tube life which is often too late for remnant life prediction or effective tube replacement management
  • Baseline inspections at tube manufacturing facilities and onsite prior to startup for quality control
  • Review fitness-for-service and design of all reformer components to API 579 and ASME FFS-1/20-7; assessment of high temperature components such as header systems and inlet and outlet pigtails
  • Uses 3D elastic-plastic Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling of ancillary equipment

  • Steam reformer tubes
  • Continuous Catalyst Reformers (CCRs)

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