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Inspection and maintenance services are an integral part of the service package regarding P/V systems. The services in question are designed especially for investors who do not like to leave anything to chance and who protect their P/V system throughout its life-cycle. This means that you are covered not only in the event of a fault in your system, but that you also prevent future malfunctions and loss of revenue.

  • ongoing protection and fault prevention for the system
  • avoidance of malfunctions
  • maximization of your revenue thanks to the smooth and optimum operation of the system
  • guaranteed system performance
  • increased system performance thanks to regular panel cleaning
  • immediate response and technical repair

Through HELIOSRES-Maintenance services, your P/V system is connected to a permanent monitoring system, which ensures remote control 365 days a year. Any malfunction in the system is observed, recorded and reported, in order to ensure immediate restitution.

Moreover, panels are washed on a regular basis, to avoid impairment of your system’s performance due to dust and deposits. In fact, this increases system performance by up to 15%. Panels are washed using natural, environmentally-friendly detergents.

A technical service team is constantly at your disposal, and monitors your system on a permanent basis. Our company can provide efficient and immediate technical support, thanks to its daily Monitoring System.

HELIOSRES has designed and offers various maintenance plans, allowing you to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

HELIOSRES – Maintenance for P/V parks

The plan for P/V park maintenance includes the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring*
  • Fault restitution

*Monitoring premises the installation of a monitoring system. If you haven’t already installed a monitoring system, we can undertake the installation for you.

HELIOSRES – Maintenance for P/V parks Plus

All the services of the P/V Park Maintenance plan, plus:

  • Clearing of panels, accessories and equipment from mineral deposits
  • Clearing of vegetation and soil spraying.

P/V system insurance

If you so wish, you may combine any of the maintenance plans with insurance for your P/V system against all risks, in order to ensure the best possible protection for your investment.

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