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The marine industry has grown tremendously in the last three decades to meet the demands for transporting passengers and goods around the world. The marine industry includes cargo ships, cruise liners, yachts, boats and naval ships and carriers. Depending on the size and design of the ship, there can be a significant amount of water collected from leaks, spills and runoff. This water is called bilge water and it must be treated in accordance with international and local regulations defined by the respective countries and localities.

International regulations are guided by the International Maritime Organization’s MEPC-107(49) rule that details the treatment, discharge and measurement protocols that must be adopted by marine vessels in international waters. Local regulations may supersede the international regulations for overboard discharges. Some regions may require oil concentration levels as low as 5 ppm.

Typical Challenges for the Marine Industry include:

  • Treatment processes require robust performance even during upset conditions
  • Presence of emulsions in the water
  • Lateral and vertical movement due to the sea conditions
  • Very small dimensional footprint available
  • High liability for discharging oil into the ocean

MYCELX provides advanced and robust solutions to the marine industry with our tailored systems and products. MYCELX also offers emergency response systems and rental systems that can handle sudden upset conditions.  MYCELX BilgeKleen systems and products are certified by ABS, Lloyd’s Register and U.S Coast Guard. BilgeKleen systems are available for 1 gpm - 100 gpm flow rates. Custom designed systems are available to handle higher flow rates, if necessary.

  • Bilge water treatment
  • Compressor condensate treatment
  • Stormwater runoff treatment and discharge (if separate from Bilge water)
  • Compressor and generator exhaust treatment
  • Oil and grease removal from cruise ship pools and spas

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