Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

Mercury Retirement / Stabilization


Today there is worldwide concern over the amount of elemental mercury available and its use, especially in developing nations where environmental controls are lacking. In response to these concerns, Bethlehem Apparatus has developed a unique process that allows the retirement of elemental mercury from future use by stabilizing it into a form that can be safely land filled. This patented process (U.S. Patent No. 7,691,361) converts elemental mercury into a high purity mercury sulfide with the same physical and chemical characteristics of naturally occurring Cinnabar. Once the sulfide is formed we blend it with our exclusive formulation of polymers. The product is a red pellet of approximately 7 mm X 7 mm that is suitable for land disposal. (Please note that currently this product is acceptable for Canadian land disposal and will need certification from U.S. EPA for disposal in U.S. landfills.)

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