Marsulex Environmental Technologies (MET)

MET Engineering Studies and Upgrades Services


Our team of WFGD experts can evaluate your current system, no matter the OEM, and provide on-site engineering and analysis in addition to cost effective solutions to improve plant operations, including: Improve so2 removal efficiencies, allow operation with higher sulfur coals, reduce power consumption, remove packing or trays, convert to forced oxidation, change reagent preparation and dewatering systems, eliminate bypass, system improvements, convert systems to alternative reagents, equipment / system reliability improvements, reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

We also offer in-house laboratory capabilities and analysis to help determine and correct issues, including:

  • Weight Percent Solids determination for Slurry Sample
  • Weight Percent Solids determination for Filter Cake
  • Calcium Carbonate analysis
  • Calcium Sulfite hemihydrate analysis
  • Acid insoluble
  • Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate
  • Calcium Ion
  • Total Calcium Ion
  • Magnesium Ion
  • Sulfate Ion
  • Chloride Ion
  • Sulfite Ion
  • Chloride Ion in Solids
  • pH of Gypsum solids
  • Acidity in fertilizer
  • Limestone Reactivity Test
  • Limestone and Gypsum particle sizing
  • Ammonium Sulfate determinations

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