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The Tailings complex at Eastplats Mine (Barplats Limited) covers an area of 82,500 m².  In order to meet the objective which was complete dust control of the tailings and surrounding areas the team at Soil & Dust Solutions conducted an in-depth site assessment taking numerous factors into consideration which included: Wind direction; Height and Position of Tailings; Location of local community; Environmental Factors as well as Accessibility. Upon final assessment and discussions with on-site management, it was decided to treat the sides and top of the tailings with a light application of EBS soil stabilizer.

A topical application of EBS offers the most effective solution for dust control on Mine Tailings.  The fact the product is safe and easy to apply and only needs to be applied every 4-5 years makes it the ideal solution.  Cost effctive and Sustainable.

The application of EBS was done in the following manner:

Due to the excessive amount of wind, the size and height of the tailings, the amount of dust accumulation and complaints from the neighboring farmers it was determined that there was a problem which needed to be urgently addressed. Soil & Dust Solutions conducted a site assessment, designed an equipment set up which would allow for application of the product even in difficult to reach areas, and provided on site assistance for the EBS application process.

Soil & Dust Solutions was also contracted to devise and set up the application process and equipment as well as to train on-site personnel. EBS was applied at a rate of .15 litres per square meter starting at the top of the tailings and working down the sides. At this rate an area of approximately 5,000 to 6,500 m² per day can be covered.

Below is an example of how Soil & Dust Solutions provides Engineered Solutions™ , as due to the soft material, a water truck could not be used, also the angles presented a challenge for accurate coverage.  As Tracked vehicles were the only type that could be used, Soil & Dust Solutions designed and manufactured  a specialized spray bar and attachments to be fitted on to the bucket of the excavator. This spray system allowed for consistent spray coverage in a safe manner, and was a total solution for the tailings treatment.

Soil & Dust Solutions provided a holistic and very effective solution for the required dust control of the Tailings Complex at Eastplats Platinum Mine.  The solution provided eliminated the costly sprinkler systems, reduced water consumption, eliminated the dust, therefore providing a safer, and healthier work environment, as well as eliminating the air pollution which was being caused. An innovative solution which allowed the mine to decrease its environmental impact.

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