EZ Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections

Mold inspections can help identify if the source of your problem is mold, especially if there are high concentrations of mold spores/particles in the air. A mold inspection can help identify if you have mold or microbial growth or contamination in your home.

If you feel better outside your home (or outside a certain room in your home), we can investigate and find out if you have active mold or microbial growth inside your home, which can cause poor indoor air quality. If you smell musty odors in your home or in your carpet, there may be something wet in your carpet or walls in your home. We recommend that you are present for the inspection, but it is not necessary.

During the inspection, you will gain a better understanding about the condition of the house directly from our experienced mold inspectors. You can also ask questions during the mold inspection. In addition, the written mold report you receive from us will be easier to understand.