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GLE Associates

Mold Testing and Mold Removal


GLE’s mold inspection services help clients address mold contamination concerns quickly, by offering the blend of expertise needed to develop responsible, cost-effective mold removal solutions that make sense for each client. With a highly qualified team of mold investigation experts and more than a decade of experience solving indoor air problems, GLE is leading the field of mold investigation and mold removal design. Our extensive practical experience, combined with a strong base of biological and structural expertise, helps ensure mold contamination issues are addressed properly, greatly minimizing each client’s financial risk.

Living in hot humid surroundings especially during rain and hurricane seasons, make perfect conditions for mold contamination. Mold remediation in Florida and other warm climates is a pressing topic for property owners. Toxic forms of mold have been contaminating homes and commercial properties for years, needlessly costing millions in mold testing expenses, loss of property and health-related claims. These risks can be greatly reduced with immediate action, which is why choosing a consultant who has experience with mold remediation in Florida and the Southeast, whom can offer you a quick response and the expertise to address all the aspects of your indoor environment is vital. GLE has the knowledge and experience, as a provider of mold remediation in Florida and the Southeast for over 19 years, you can count on us for superior service.

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