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Natural Resource Management


In developing countries, increasing population and growing welfare place pressure on the natural environment and result in problems such as deforestation, overgrazing, and the contamination of land and water resources. In turn, the depletion of natural resources frequently leads to land scarcity and to widespread changes in land use. Increasingly, also, we are aware that environmental issues may transcend national boundaries.

As evidenced by various international agendas and agreements, natural resources management concerns us all. To address these problems and to understand the complexity of factors involved, resource managers must collect and interpret relevant data and work together with professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

At GFD, we employ modern tool in geosciences, modelling and quantitative assessment to assist our client addressing this challenging and important work. GFD expertise on NRM include:

  • Forest resources management
  • GIS and Remote sensing
  • Biodiversity assessment

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