Vasilis Papamichalis

Vasilis Papamichalis

The reasons for establishing good occupational health and safety standards at work are:

  • Legal – Cyprus as member state of the European Union has to ensure that the basic legal requirements relating to occupational health and safety are met. Every company has to ensure compliance with applicable regulations or risk being fined or closed
  • Economic - poor occupational health and safety performance at the workplace can result in higher costs through compensation payments to the incapacitated, legal fees, fines, costs for medical treatment, investigation time, lost production, lost goodwill from the workforce, from customers and from the wider community and costs from increased insurance premiums
  • Moral - An employee should not have to risk injury or death at work, nor should others associated with the work environment

According to the Management of Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2002 KDP 173/2002 in Cyprus, every employer must assess the Health and Safety Risk related to their type of operations and have a Written Risk Assessment for his employees and other individuals that can be influenced by his operations. If the employer has 5 or more employees he has to keep a Health and Safety file with all the relevant information and appoint a Health and Safety Committee that he will consult on Health and Safety issues.

In case the empolyer does not have the qualified staff that will be able to undertake the Health and Safety Risk Assessment he can use the services of authorised Health and Safety Consultants.

As an Authorised Health and Safety Consultant by the Department of Labour Inspection in Cyprus (Authorisation Code: I can help in conducting the Risk Assessment, establishing a Health and Safety Management System that will manage, monitor and reduce your risks and train your personnel in Health and Safety issues and emergency response.

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