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The odour concentration of a gaseous sample is determined by presentation to a trained panel in varying dilutions. The odour concentration is expressed in multiples of European Odour Units (OUE). This analysis technique provides directly comparable data for different odour types, and can be used for input into dispersion models to determine odour impact in terms of annoyance and abatement efficiency assessments.

Olfactometry measurement services in accordance with European Standard ISO 13725:2003 in our odour free laboratory located in County Meath.
These include:

  • Odour threshold concentration determination - used for the determination of odour emission rates from point, area and volume sources for the calculation of input data to atmospheric dispersion modelling software.
  • Odour Intensity determination - used for the assessment of odour abatement technologies and for the development of odour impact criteria.
  • Hedonic tone determination - used for the determination of unpleasantness/pleasantness of an odour at increasing concentrations. Commonly used in the food, beverage and perfume industry.
  • Odour quality - used to allocate a known odour quality to an odour emission/immision. For example this odour smells like eggs, flowers, turnips, etc.
  • Sniff squads - Using trained sniff squads the odour impact area and odour sources can be determined. This may also be used for model verificatio.

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