Laserlenz, Inc.

OEM Particle Counter Upgrades Services


WS4000 Laser Particle Counter Upgrade. AT4000/ Laserpure Plug & Play System. Packaged Solutions for Turbidity and Particle Counter Systems. Watertrack, Wonderware, Labview SCADA Software Etc. WS4000 or Laser Pure Particle Counters. Digital Turbine Flowmeter.

  • Input Strainer.
  • NEMA Box, Connections & Tubing.
  • Plug and Play Performance.
  • On-Site Maintenance Agreement.
  • Factory Maintenance Agreement.
  • Continuous Upgrade Agreement.
  • Installation.
  • Choice of Turbidity Sensors, HACH, Great Lakes, L&H, HF Scientific Etc.
  • Continuous Calibration and Maintenance Programs.

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