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Recently, there are lot of negative press on toxic biocides used and their environmental impact in hydraulic fracturing operations for shale gas development. This has caused growing concerns in the general public over water contamination and as a result, prompted an in-depth EPA study.

An environmentally safe solution is clearly needed for water treatment to reduce negative impacts on our environment. At the present time, all biocides are transported to and stored at the well site for use. The current method is not only hazardous to the personnel, but it also results in high transportation, operating costs. There is no practical and compact on-site generation solution currently exists to replace and eliminate the use of toxic biocides used in Hydraulic Fracturing.

Green Drilling

Water used for fracturing oil and gas wells can be treated with (Hsp2O)® to help manage bacteria growth, protect fracturing fluids and gels, and ensure polymer and proppant performance. By killing the bacteria and removing the restrictive biomass, (Hsp2O)® is proven to enhance production from wells which have been impacted by down-hole growth of bacteria and other microorganisms . Once applied, (Hsp2O)® simply turns into very weak brine and leaves no ecological damage to well sites.

HSP USA provide an innovative on-site environmentally friendly biocide solution  based on our Clean2OTM technology platform. It eliminates the use of toxic biocides in a cost effective way.

  • on demand and flexible to automatically adjust to operating requirements (concentration, pH and volume)
  • able to support frac / flowback water treatment in real time without any on-site storage of chemicals
  • compact and require very little footprint and can be run on a portable generator i.e. very low power consumption
  • mobile and easily integrated with the existing hydraulic fracturing system
  • able to significantly simplify the on-site hydraulic fracturing operation
  • compatible with other chemicals in use

   Customer Benefits

  • eliminates toxic biocides
  • purifies frac water in real time hydraulic fracturing operations
  • reduces and prevents scale formation
  • oxidizes H2S, NOx 
  • controls chemical oxygen demand
  • reduces and eliminates disinfectant-by-products
  • reduces operational complexity and cost

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