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Dexcom Solutions Ltd.

Oil Spill Response and Remediation Services


In recent years we have successfully carried out clean up and remediation projects in the Ogoni and Niger Delta region of Nigeria for Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). We utilise a combination of physico-chemical techniques, including, booms, skimmers, evacuation and bioremediation in the treatment of polluted sites and the result, a phenomenal recovery of contaminated sites to arable farm lands and clean waters or swamps for aquatic life.

Dexcom Solutions have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in oil spill response and remediation. Our dedicated spill response team are fully trained and equipped to control land, swamps and off –shore oil pollution incidents.
With our highly experienced and professional partners, we draw on experience in spill response since 1958, covering such high profile spillages as:

  • The Erika spillage for the French Government.
  • The Prestige for the Spanish Government.
  • The Sea Empress spill for the United Kingdom Government.
  • Various other tanker salvage and nature protection operations.

We provide emergency in-shore and off-shore skimmers

  • For use in docks, harbours and close inshore clean-up operations.
  • The package is self-contained in a metal storage container for easy handling and storing of the system when not in use.
  • The ocean mop system is based on the highly successful OPEC e-series range of products.
  • It can vary in size and performance to suit individual needs recovering in excess of 30 tonnes an hour of oil.
  • The mop handles any debris on the water surface.
  • Use of a hydraulic crane enables great versatility in cleaning oily water

  • Mop skimmers
  • Chain belt skimmers
  • Oil water separators
  • Sorbent materials
  • Oil containment booms
  • Debris barriers
  • Flexible storage containers

Dexcom Solutions also offer various technologies for immobilisation of oil spills and toxic chemicals.

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